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Warren Mars We stand at the gateway of the new millennium. It is 3,300 years since the birth of Moses, 2,500 years since the birth of Gautama The Buddha, 2,000 years since the birth of Jesus, and 1,400 years since the birth of Muhammad. It is now more than 600 years since the Catholic Church reached the peak of its power in the paranoid, oppressive insanity of the dark ages, and yet, in this age of space travel, internet, genetic engineering and nuclear power we see the recrudescence of this same fundamentalist lunacy in the Charismatic Churches of the USA, in many branches of Islam, and in the extreme branches of Judaism and Hinduism.

Wars are still being fought because of it, terrorists are killing innocent people and destroying property because of it, nations are being held back because of it, women and men are being oppressed because of it and the clear light of the truth is being covered up because of it.

Why do people need religion anyway? In this age of scientific explanation is not religion superfluous?

It is clear from the USA and elsewhere that people in general are not entirely satisfied with Science; they need answers to the question: "What will happen to me when I die?", (something Science can never answer), and they will not accept the idea that they will simply cease to be, as an atheist believes. Meanwhile, the religions of the past are hopelessly outdated and irrelevant.

There is no doubt that the Earth formed over billions of years and that humans and all other life forms evolved by natural processes over hundreds of millions of years. The evidence is overwhelming. In the face of such evidence religious texts such as the Bible and the Koran clearly cannot be taken literally. Adherents to such beliefs are then forced to water down the text or discredit the evidence of Science. To deny the evidence of reality in order to believe something that cannot be proved is the mark of the insane; the lunatic wards are full of such people. To water down the text leaves one with a great deal of uncertainty; where do you stop? Is any of it true? Neither of these positions are satisfactory.

A new doctrine is required; one that will explain everything that Science cannot, yet one that fits in with Science and one that can provide a moral underpinning for a happy and satisfying society in this age of technology, democracy and equality.

The Tekrath

And here it is: The Doctrine Of Infinite Dimensions!
It offers:

Here is the belief system that we need to take our beautiful planet and it's inhabitants into the new Millennium.

The entirety of this web site, being the foundation of the Church of Infinite Dimensions, is called "The Karimath", just as the Christian foundation is called "The Bible" and the Muslims have "The Koran".

I commend it to you all!

May it last a thousand years!

Warren Mars - 2005

Earth in space

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